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     We are Amol Biotech Limited (ABL)- a leading manufacturer of healthcare industry, specialty in manufacturing of granules on wide range of herbals, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and dietary supplements raw material. Established in Shanghai in the year 2005 and with the great support from its Global professional team of Group companies which operate pharmaceuticals and Nutraceutical GMP certiified production facilities in US and India, ABL has obtained GMP certificate and Sanitary registration issued by China Commodity Inspection & Quarantine bureau in the same year. Currently our portfolio products stretches well beyond 100 products. Our Group principal administration and distribution facilities are based in the US, India & China with our Research & Development team imbedded across our three manufacturing units.

  Our group has marched its way and has pedestalled its position as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Authentic Prodigious Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals on Land. Our business model is to develop and supply customer specific pharmaceutical, herbal & nutraceutical products with an emphasis on quality control and customer service. “When Excellence in endeavors become corporate ethos accomplishments follow naturally.” Based on the fact that every customer has their own specific



requirement, we have positioned ourselves as a global manufacturer- bringing our valued customers the best from all corners of the globe. Our global team is comprised of over 200 Manufacturing and quality control personnel who have been successfully fulfilling the demands of a discerning market for over a decade, helping ABL achieve a reputation of excellence. Part and parcel of being in a rapidly evolving industry. ABL keeps a “strict eye” on the frequently changing government policies and affairs affecting the health care industry and inturn customizing our products accordingly.

  ABL's commitment to growing with its customers is clear. For your herbal and nutraceutical needs, come see how you can benefit from being “ Naturally based… Globally Placed”

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