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  Pharmacopoeias Product Testing : Testing of Herbal, Amino acid, Vitamin & Minerals, raw, intermediate & finished products as per USP, EP, BP, JP, ACS, CP etc

  Testing of Non pharmacopoeias products : Analysis using validated In-house testing method and standard testing method of non-pharmacopoeias products.

  Specializes in :

  « Residual solvent analysis according to ICH guidelines- Q3 on GC

  « Pesticides Residues analysis according to USP, AOAC, EPA, CP on GC and HPLC

  « Estimation of trace level heavy metals on AAS

  « Testing of Aflatoxins - B1, B2, G1 and G2

  « Estimation of Trace level analysis for Ethylene Oxide ( ETO) on GC

  « Veterinary Drugs residues according to AOAC on HPLC

  « Electrophoretic purity analysis on Electrophoresis system

  « Melamine analysis on HPLC

  « Endotoxin testing using LAL method

  « Vitamins analysis on HPLC

  « Herbal identification and standardizations on HPLC, GC, UV also using various chromatographic techniques

  « Microbiological evaluations in food and herbal products.

  Analytical Method Development : Method development for trace metals analysis on AAS, Mineral analysis on AAS & Vitamin analysis on HPLC, analysis of Standardized Herbal extract using HPLC, UV , column chromatography and TLC and the formulated products.

  Analytical Method validation studies: In-house method validation studies according to ICH guidelines Q2B in an efficient and cost effective manner providing with supporting documents, raw data to ensure reliability, consistency and accuracy of data.

  Shelf life Studies: Accelerated and Real time stability studies with defined climatic zones according to ICH guidelines Q1, Electronically controlled environmental chambers, forced degradation studies with stimulated conditions to demonstrate and validate stability indicating.

  Impurities Profile: Impurities profile studies for potential impurities, degraded products, residual solvents according to ICH guidelines Q3 using validated analytical methods. indicating method.

  Nutritional facts labeling : Providing data of Nutritional facts labeling for food products and dietary supplements.

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